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Bob Bechek, Bain

Bain selects Warsaw hub, attains global CarbonNeutral status

Warsaw: Bain & Company has selected Warsaw as the hub of its operations in Central Eastern Europe.

The strategy consulting firm says that the opening of its new Poland/Central Eastern Europe (CEE) office is a testament to Poland's rising economic prominence in Europe and around the world.

The office is Bain's 21st in Europe and 48th globally, and the firm says it will help it serve a growing roster of local and international clients, based in Poland and throughout central Europe.

"Poland is Europe's sixth largest economy and one of its fastest growing. The vibrancy of the Polish and regional economies has accelerated demand for Bain's expertise," said Bob Bechek, Bain & Company's worldwide managing director. "We look forward to continuing to help companies with change-oriented executives grow in CEE."

Bain Partner Jacek Poswiata, who brings 20 years of consulting experience, has been appointed managing director of the firm's Poland/CEE office, which will be part of the consulting firm's Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regional structure.

"We are pleased with our fast start," said Poswiata. "The talents of our local teams are already making significant impacts on the complex business problems our Polish and regional clients are facing. While serving clients across the entire industrial and consumer products spectrum, increasing demand in financial services, private equity, telecom, energy and manufacturing will be significant areas of Bain's advisory services."

"The strength and resilience of the Polish economy presents an array of opportunities for Bain and our clients," added Olivier Marchal, regional managing director for Bain in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Bain & Company attains CarbonNeutral status

Bain & Company, has been certified as a CarbonNeutral company, realising a goal it set two years ago.

It says this achievement is the result of a comprehensive effort to measure the firm's global carbon footprint in accordance with international certification standards, coupled with a multi-faceted approach to reach net zero carbon emissions.

As well as driving sustainable business practices internally, Bain has achieved its goal of net zero carbon emissions through supporting six green projects including wind power, biomass, forestry, geothermal and methane capture spread across the United States, Brazil, Turkey, India and China.

"This accomplishment is a major step in our commitment to sustainability," said Steven Tallman, Bain partner and head of global operations. "We feel strongly that Bain needs to be a role model on issues affecting our communities and the world at large. Achieving net zero emissions is an important priority for our employees and recruits, and we are increasingly hearing that it is important to our clients as well."

Bain has pursued footprint reduction efforts ranging from local office initiatives around green power and recycling to global server consolidation and increased use of video teleconferencing, including rolling out desktop video capabilities to all staff.

Bain's global commitment to sustainability is deeply embedded throughout the firm. A linked network of "Green Teams" in over 80% of its 48 offices worldwide ensures that sustainability is integrated into the firm's day-to-day operations around the globe, and helps to identify cross-office opportunities to reduce Bain's carbon footprint.

"The nature of our business will never allow us to fully eliminate business travel," said Tallman.

"We therefore need to constantly challenge ourselves through our global sustainability strategies and practices in remaining 100% carbon neutral, including through the outstanding efforts of Bain's Green Teams and our involvement in high impact green projects. These projects represent a range of renewable energy technologies and we are proud to provide funding to help in their financial viability."