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Australia's Altis sets up in UK.


London: Australian information management consultancy Altis Consulting has set up a London office to serve the UK market.

Altis stresses its vendor-independence and describes itself as Australia's largest consultancy offering specialist expertise in business analytics, business intelligence, data management and data warehousing; its customer base includes Qantas and Lend Lease.

UK Regional Manager at Altis, Peter Hopwood commented, "With a blend of expertise across numerous products in the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence space, combined with a deep commitment to the skills of our staff, we believe Altis is uniquely positioned to offer a new type of service to UK clients.

"Typically many BI projects end up as shelf-ware and never fulfil their potential, but our approach is different. Unlike other data management consultants we are not tied to specific vendors so we provide completely impartial advice, services and training that enables organisations to address key challenges and realise objectives through better reporting and utilisation of business metrics. We pride ourselves on taking a less technical approach and because we are privately owned we are more flexible, agile and provide less expensive consultancy than some of our larger rivals.

"Although we have experience across all sectors our initial focus in the UK will be on the Construction industry, Utilities and Higher Education where there is huge demand to report and analyse information that can be applied to drive efficiencies."
Previously with Cognos, Hopwood has over 15 years of experience in the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence fields having worked both client-side and for a number of consultancies including CMG (now owned by Logica). For the last six years he has been working for Altis in Australia.

Hopwood added, "Altis provides an exceptional level of training to our employees and clients. Our philosophy is based on looking after our staff so they are better equipped to look after our customers. Our partnership with experts in the field such as Kimball University and Stephen Few, one of the World's leading experts on data visualisation and author of several well-known books including 'Show us the Numbers', enable us to provide training in data warehousing and business intelligence that is second to none. "

Altis is also the largest provider of Information Management education in Australia and New Zealand and is committed to improving the quality of the Information Management workforce in these countries.

Altis says it is excited about the opportunities for staff who may want to live and work in the UK or for UK staff looking for opportunities in Australia. "We see this cross-fertilisation of talent as one of the key benefits of this move", says Hopwood.

Last year, Altis Consulting was named for the second year in a row in Business Review Weekly's annual listing of "The Best Places to Work" in Australia. The firm was founded in 1998 and is privately held.

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