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Atos staff can use innovative electric car fleet around Paris

Bollore electric car

Paris: Atos, the French IT services consultancy, has introduced an electric car fleet in partnership with electricity technology group Bolloré.

The electric Atos branded are fed by photovoltaic panels and installed at Atos headquarters in the Paris region.

The MyCar initiative will support Atos' "Zero carbon" initiative, which aims to reduce Atos's carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2015, and will make business travel for Atos employees easier and more convenient. MyCar forms part of the Atos Wellbeing @ Work and Corporate responsibility program.

Atos's announcement marks the first step in a new international partnership between Atos and Bolloré, which aims to see the MyCar scheme extended to other Atos offices in France and globally, and to reinforce cooperation, bringing innovative IT services to Bolloré connected cars and energy activities. In the coming months, the MyCar concept will also be integrated into the Atos "Smart Campus" offering for clients, in partnership with AOS Studley.

Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO, Atos said, "We are delighted to launch MyCar, an innovative new service for our Atos business technologists, which will make business travel easier and more convenient.

"This initiative forms part of our Wellbeing @ Work programme which I launched in 2010 to ensure we make Atos a great place to work. MyCar also brings many business benefits helping us to reduce our travel costs and importantly our carbon footprint, as well as increase our visibility of our brand on the streets of Paris."

Vincent Bolloré, CEO, Bolloré Group, said, "MyCar is an excellent initiative from Atos and we are delighted that Bolloré has been chosen as their partner. Together we can offer Atos employees a convenient, cost effective and sustainable way to travel to business meetings and events."

For the MyCar pilot launched at the Atos headquarters in Bezons, Paris region, the fleet comprises 10 Atos branded cars which, for employees, will be easy and convenient to use. They can simply book a car on the Atos intranet, pick it up and drive away. Beyond encouraging employees to choose a more sustainable way to travel for business, MyCar will also reduce time spent booking travel and taxis as well as the need for expense claims for business kilometres travelled, taxis and parking. Overall, it will contribute to creating better working conditions for Atos business technologists.

Bolloré Group will provide the cars and access to the 750 Autolib stations and more than 3500 charging terminals located in Paris and in 46 communities around Paris. The batteries used by MyCar are the latest generation of batteries: LMP technology (Lithium Metal Polymer) developed by the Bolloré Group after 20 years of research. Atos says these batteries combine simplicity, safety, performance and environmental protection. They require no maintenance and offer an exceptional energy density, full user safety and autonomy of 250 km in the city and 150 km on the highway.

The Atos Ambition Zero Carbon initiative includes other programmes such as the eco-efficient data centres, carbon neutral IT services, renewable energy sourcing policy and high energy performing offices.

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