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Accenture works for DWP.


LONDON: The United Kingdom Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has awarded Accenture a contract for up to seven years to deliver application development and maintenance services for its customer-facing systems, including delivery of elements of the IT solution for Universal Credit, the U.K. government's controversial program to simplify working-age benefits systems into a single streamlined system.

Accenture has been working with the DWP, and its predecessor, the , in various capacities for over thirty years, and it estimates that the value of its new contract could range from £50 million to £70 million per year, depending on Departmental demand for IT services.

Under this agreement, Accenture will collaborate with the DWP and its other IT service providers to provide comprehensive application services for all customer-facing applications. It will deliver application development and maintenance services for the Application Suite used by external customers who contact DWP for benefits directly, via the telephone or Web site.

The firms says that the services it will provide will help DWP make substantial cost-savings, deliver key programs, such as Universal Credit, and provide the most appropriate services to citizens.

Atos will be Accenture's main sub-contractor on the project. Accenture says it has chosen towork with Atos based on its strong track record delivering IT services for DWP, and with a particular focus on delivering secure online citizen self-service applications. Atos will provide a full range of application development and maintenance services.

"Our work with the Department for Work and Pensions will help to further improve the service they deliver to reflect the changing needs of U.K. citizens," said Mark Lyons, Accenture's U. K. and Ireland managing director for Health & Public Service. "Accenture will help DWP drive significant and sustainable cost savings. This new contract builds on our longstanding relationship with DWP and the successful delivery of similar projects with other public-sector clients, based on the deep industry skills and insight from our global network."