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Accenture completes data analytics acquisition.

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New York: Accenture has completed its acquisition of Neo Metrics Analytics S.L., the Spanish consulting firm specializing in optimization and predictive analytics based in Madrid.

Plans for the acquisition for an undisclosed sum were originally announced on January, since when BearingPoint and PwC have both made significant investments in analytics firms, and IBM has rationalised its myriad analytics resources into one global consulting service line, as the scramble to help clients manage data hots up.

Accenture says the acquisition will add innovative analytics assets to its existing portfolio, including an advanced modeller solution, which creates industrialized, highly-accurate analytical models and can help clients to rapidly predict customer behaviour, and new social network analysis capabilities to enable clients to target key influencers in the customer community more effectively.

"Clients are looking for actionable customer insights that are critical to their organization's ability to launch more profitable marketing campaigns, reduce customer turnover and create more personalized interactions," said Narendra Mulani, managing director, Accenture Analytics and Marketing Services. "With Neo Metrics' capabilities, we can offer analytic intelligence across all of our clients' business processes and help clients fundamentally change the way they interact with customers."

In addition to strengthening its customer-focused analytics assets, the acquisition will enhance Accenture's analytical models and techniques for fraud management, quality management, pricing optimization and demand forecasting.

Accenture says it now provides a comprehensive portfolio of industry and function-specific analytical offerings to help governments and businesses gain insights from data to improve decision making and drive high performance.

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