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Accenture campaign delivers.

Accenture Unilever-advert

NEW YORK: One of the consulting industry's biggest ever marketinginitiatives exploded into life last week when Accenture launched a new wave of its "High performance. Delivered." global branding campaign.

The campaign features every available channel — or what advertising people now call every brand touch-point with external and internal audiences -- including print, airport, outdoor and broadcast advertising; a wide array of digital extensions, such as online advertising, search, mobility platforms, social media and interactive billboards; recruitment marketing materials; client presentations; the company's newly refreshed website; employee communications; and branding at Accenture locations in more than 200 cities across six continents.

"This new campaign is the next chapter in the evolution of Accenture's successful 'High performance. Delivered.' brand positioning," said Roxanne Taylor, Accenture's chief marketing & communications officer. "'High performance. Delivered' is the essence of our business strategy. The campaign brings to life how we leverage our industry expertise and leading consulting and technology capabilities to create significant, tangible business value for clients. The positive response from our clients to the new campaign demonstrates that our brand positioning resonates with them now more than ever."

Among the key elements of the campaign is an ongoing series of results-focused case studies featuring clients, which are being leveraged across a variety of marketing channels, including advertising. For instance, an ad featuring Unilever focuses on how Accenture helped the global consumer goods company leverage technology to simplify, standardize and unify business processes across more than 100 countries -- resulting in �1 billion in savings for Unilever. Another ad focuses on how Accenture helped Marriott become one of the top 10 retail sites in the world by implementing a platform that supports nine websites in seven languages and allows customers to more easily book reservations, helping Marriott generate $7 billion in annual sales online.

The advertising and other elements of the brand campaign will also highlight Accenture's broad range of consulting, technology and outsourcing capabilities, especially in high-demand areas such as mobility, analytics, digital marketing and sustainability; its knowledge and expertise across more than 40 industries; and how Accenture can help clients capitalize on opportunities resulting from key business trends such as innovation and globalization.

In addition to leveraging engaging imagery, clever copy and a bold color palette, the new brand campaign features the Accenture symbol -- (" -- which has been part of the company's logo for more than 10 years.

Accenture will continue its successful airport advertising campaign, with new ads running in 73 airports across 35 countries. The new campaign will include high-impact installations, from building and taxicab wraps to billboards, in major business centers around the world, as well as an increased investment in digital marketing and social media.

"We are recognized as a pioneer in B2B marketing and have a long history of disrupting convention in the category by taking a consumer brand approach to marketing," Taylor said. "I am proud that we have become known for innovation -- breaking new ground and setting new standards."

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