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Missing the Davos party.

Not Davos (honestly): You have to feel a bit sorry for those who haven't got to play world leader in the Davos snow this week.

For the first time in a long while there is no senior delegation from China, because the WEF falls during the Chinese New Year festivities. Bad timing surely — given how dependent the world economy is on China's prospects.

And The Financial Times lists a who's who of absentee bankers, giving the forum a miss in a mass outbreak of hair shirted guilt and public relations realism.

No such sqeamishness from the world's top consultants thank goodness, for whom Davos is a week-long orgy of whitepaper swapping, power breakfasts and tweeting.

Since it costs $70,000 for an individual just to attend the WEF, some firms won't have much change from $1 million once they have paid for VIP access to sessions for their top team, hosted drinks, and published a report. How the other half...

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